Spray Polyureathane & Polyurea Training

SPRAY EQUIPMENT - MOBILE SPRAY RIGS Our staff is focused on catering to your needs through all phases of any plural component spray project. SprayfoamUSA’s experts have years of experience in spray foam roofing, sprayfoam insulation, specialty coatings, and spray polyurea applications. When applying your Spray Foam or Polyurea products, the selection and utilization of proper equipment is important to the success of your project. Please review the Product Data Sheet of the product you are applying for specific application instructions.

Reactor ( H-25 and H-XP2) Entry-Level Hydraulic Proportioners for Spraying Foam and Polyurea The first hybrid Graco|Gusmer units on the market! Graco's Reactor H-25 and H-XP2 are lightweight, easy-to-use hydraulic units that combine the horizontal Gusmer pump line and Graco technology, including digital controls and system diagnostics. These sprayers are ideal for plural-component polyurethane spray foam, tank and pipe coating, in-plant OEM, adhesives and caulk, rim and band joist applications. Reactor H-25 and H-XP2...reliable performance and industry-proven technology from Graco|Gusmer. High performance, horizontal pumping system Lightweight yet durable hydraulic system featuring a five-quart reservoir - 170 pounds lighter than the standard 25-gallon reservoir! Softstart technology uses 1/3 less amp draw than a standard starter, so you can use a smaller generator and also reduce wear and extend your generator life Hybrid heater design gives you up to 15,300 watts of heat to pre-heat material quickly Programmable standby mode shuts the motor and hydraulic pump down after a period of inactivity to prevent overheating Remote mountable controls are fully digital and easy to use New lightweight hydraulics are only a fraction of standard hydraulic units Reliable horizontal pump allows you to spray longer High output heaters with maximum temperatures of up to 15,300 watts Optional data reporting keeps better records by monitoring and tracking material usage New troubleshooting Y-strainer-pressure and temperature gauges are standard on every unit User-defined controls allow you to program settings for standby mode and pressure imbalance detection
“The key to any project is the knowledge & expertise of the installer and his mastery of the onsite processing equipment. We provide the hands on training and customer service to insure your project is successful.”